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The Book


SOUL POETRY is a collection of the most fantastic and mind-blowing inspirational poems, verses and quotes. 

Laced with a tinge of humor, SOUL POETRY is a gold mine not only for the seeker of spiritual love, magic, solace, and enlightenment, but also for the general reader in search of beauty, fantasy, entertainment, reflection, and relaxation. 

This book is an exploration and a discovery of the Self. Anita Bacha’s spiritual approach to the elements of nature, the absorbing aspects of life, love, happiness, joy, pain, suffering, relationships, reunions, breakups, and death gives a special mythical quality to the distinctive poems, verses, and quotes. 

Written with the passionate reader in mind, Bacha travels with you along a journey of enchanting dreams, beauty, and wonder, bringing both tears and a smile.

SOUL POETRY brings the writer and the reader together as One Soul in an élan of luscious sharing.